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Frequently Asked Question

Which function at an organization gets the most value from Enterpret?

Enterpret helps product, leadership, voice of customer and customer experience teams. Learn more about our solutions for these teams:

How much monthly feedback should I have to get value from Enterpret?

We recommend that teams have at least 1,000 combined feedback records from all sources (support tickets, social, communities, etc.) per month.

Does Enterpret work well for technical products?

Enterpret works well for any team that is looking to conolidate customer feedback and understand what their customers want, at scale.

What can I use Enterpret for?

Enterpret helps product development teams consolidate their data and build custom taxonomies using large language models to automate tagging. Teams use Enterpret to surface answers to the most pressing customer questions, identify the most critical pain points to solve, and validate what customers care about the most.