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Empower your customer success and support teams business outcomes
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Deliver delightful experiences to customers, grow revenue, and reduce churn.
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Centralize data
Bring all of your structured and unstructured data into a single view, including surveys, meeting notes, online reviews, and more.
Identify risk and opportunity
Quickly and easily identify critical risks and opportunities in your customer base without having to live in spreadsheet hell.
Champion your team but showing the impact of their activity on their accounts and customers and drive heathy behaviors in the organization.
Deliver personalized customer engagement at scale.
Empower your team with insights that help them improve customer satisfaction and operate more strategically
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Close the loop
Enterpret make it easy for support and success teams to quickly identify and follow up with customers who have made bug reports, requests, or have questions.
Faster time to value insights
Instead of being trapped in tedious workflows where they are trying to share insights or tag feedback, support and success teams are unlocked from spreadsheet hell.
Drive impactful, cross-functional action
Everyone in the organization is aligned around a single source of truth to help facilitate empathy and collaboration
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Align your organization
Easily quantify and Identify root causes of problems and quickly solve them
Customer empathy
Work together across functions and in collaboration with your customers
Wisdom saves me hours every week. With 'Summarize with Wisdom,' I can condense feedback with a single click, replacing the tedious process of reading through hundreds of tickets. It’s life-changing!
Jil McKinney
Director of Customer Support, Descript
Enterpret allowed us to listen to specific issues and come closer to our Members - prioritizing feedback which needed immediate attention, when it came to monitoring reception of new releases: Enterpret picked up insights for new updates and became the eyes of whether new systems and functionality were working well or not.
Louise Sellars
Analyst, Customer Insights
Enterpret has made it so much easier to understand our customer feedback. Every month I put together a Voice of Customer report on feedback trends. Before Enterpret it would take me two weeks - with Enterpret I can get it done in 3 days.
Maya Bakir
Product Operations, Notion
Enterpret makes it easy to understand and prioritize the most important feedback themes. Having data organized in one place, make it easy to dig into the associated feedback to deeply understand the voice of customer so we can delight users, solve issues, and deliver on the most important requests.
Lauren Cunningham
Head of Support and Ops
Boll & Branch takes pride in being a data driven company and Enterpret is helping us unlock an entirely new source of data. Enterpret quantifies our qualitative data while still keeping customer voice just a click away, adding valuable context and helping us get a more complete view of our customers.
Matheson Kuo
Senior Product Analyst, Boll & Branch
Enterpret helps us have a holistic view from our social media coverage, to our support tickets, to every single interaction that we're plugging into it. Beyond just keywords, we can actually understand: what are the broader sentiments? What are our users saying?
Emma Auscher
Global VP of Customer Experience, Notion
We use Enterpret for our VoC & Root Cause Elimination Program. It's helping us solve the issues of aggregating disparate sources of feedback (often tens of thousands per month) and distilling it into specific reasons, with trends, so we can see if our product fixes are delivering impact.
Nathan Yoon
Business Operations, Apollo.io
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