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Voice of Customer for Product Teams

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Feedback taxonomy customized to your product.
Analyze unlimited feedback records.
Discover new reasons for feedback with time.
Analytics suite with alerting, dashboards, reports.
One-click integrations to tap into any feedback.
Join user segments with their feedback.

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Frequently Asked Question

Which function at an organization gets the most value from Enterpret?

While any function can operate better learning from customer insights, Enterpret is best suited for Product Development teams - Product Managers, Designers, and Engineers.

How much monthly feedback should I have to get value from Enterpret?

If your monthly customer feedback volume is less than 1000 feedback records, you are most likely early for an AI solution like Enterpret.

Does Enterpret work well for technical products?

Yes, it doesn't matter how deeply technical your product is. Enterpret relies on a proprietary unsupervised Machine Learning approach to continuously chunk your customer feedback across all sources and languages into small phrases, cluster semantically similar feedback, and extract dominant reasons of feedback to create and maintain your feedback taxonomy. Essentially, each customer gets its own ML model output.

What can I use Enterpret for?

A few popular use cases we see are a) prioritizing near and long term roadmap b) shipping quick improvements c) tracking product launches d) automated reporting to replace recurring Product - Support meetings e) onboarding new team-members on product development. If you find value in anything else besides this, do let us know.