Custom Taxonomy

Automatically tag and categorized customer feedback

Get a custom model built from your feedback and unlock a deep and layered understanding of your customers.
Save time and stop manually tagging feedback.
High-level classifications that help uncover the intent behind customer feedback
Reveal underlying motivations or issues that prompted the customer to give feedback.
Tracked Keywords
Features or topics customers talk about, such as Usability, Performance, or Recording.
Enterpret's machine learning taxonomy automatically captures every layer of feedback to give you actionable and relevant insights that reflect your customer's voice.

Custom large language model built for your team with your feedback

Unify all feedback
Capture feedback from any source & any language, be it reviews, conversation, support tickets, forums, surveys, or ad-hoc files.
Your custom model gets smarter and better over time with little maintenance or time.
Auto-generated Themes
Our model auto-generates themes to help you understand emerging trends without having to add them.
Optimized Taxonomy
The Taxonomy updates every couple of weeks to pick up  new feedback and themes so your team stays on top of the latest.
Save time
Stop manually tagging, updating, and adding themes. Once your model is built you can focus on insights instead of organizing data.
Edit Predictions
Edit predictions to reflect your understanding of your customers; this helps improve the accuracy of the Taxonomy's analysis.
The Enterpret platform is like the hero team of data analysts you always wanted - the ability to consolidate customer feedback from diverse touch points and identify both ongoing and emerging trends to ensure we focus on and build the right things has been amazing. We love the tools and support to help us train the results to our unique business and users and the Enterpret team is outstanding in every way.
Larisa Sheckler
COO, Samsung Food
Enterpret makes it easy to understand and prioritize the most important feedback themes. Having data organized in one place, make it easy to dig into the associated feedback to deeply understand the voice of customer so we can delight users, solve issues, and deliver on the most important requests.
Lauren Cunningham
Head of Support and Ops
The advantage of Enterpret is that we’re not relying entirely on human categorization. Enterpret is like a second brain that is looking out for themes and trends that I might not be thinking about.
Misty Smith
Head of Product Operations, Notion

Put it together

Combine your Custom Taxonomy with these features to unlock your voice of customer and drive product growth from feedback.
Unified Feedback Repository
Consolidate all customer feedback for a clear understanding of your customers.
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Reveal underlying motivations or issues that prompted the customer to give feedback.
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Synced Audiences
Coming soon - quantify by users account, cohort, for the deepest analysis.
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