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November 2023

Week of November 13th 2023

🌟 Vertically expand charts on Dashboards for clearer viewing

Dive deeper into your data with our latest feature - Vertical Expansion on Trend Charts! Now, simply drag a chart vertically, and watch it seamlessly expand to fill the available space. This intuitive interaction offers a clearer, more detailed view of your trends, making data analysis both easier and more effective.

🔄 Rename Durations on Quantify Charts for better context

Following the release of our filter renaming feature, we're excited to enable the ability to rename durations in Quantify charts. Tailor your charts to your needs and preferences, ensuring that every aspect of your data presentation makes sense for your team.

🔗 Identify co-occurrences with new icons on Dashboards and Quantify Charts

We're taking co-occurrence analysis to the next level! Co-occurring predictions are now prominently highlighted on Dashboard quantify charts with a new link icon. Plus, they're also integrated into Quantify charts. This expansion beyond Quantify tables means more comprehensive insights, right where you need them.

November 2023

Week of November 6th 2023

Improved CSV Importer experience for more control over feedback in Enterpret

We've made a few enhancements to our CSV Importer to improve the experience when teams are uploading feedback and help optimize uploaded data for our models.

Here's what's new:

  • Choose Feedback Date field (column which represents when the feedback was uploaded)
  • Choose Feedback ID field (column which helps us uniquely identifying feedback)
  • Remove or Edit column names
  • Specifically select feedback fields and metadata fields.

Once a field is selected as the feedback field, we validate it against our system and possibly suggest a different alternative that can help our model create better Reasons and Tracked Keywords. Users can also open up sample feedback sidebar against that feedback field to feel how feedbacks would look like. Read our Help Center to learn how to use the CSV Importer.

Rename Compare Filters for better context and analysis on charts and dashboards

We shipped an usability update to make using Compare Filters more intuitive. Now, you can rename the Filters to set better context on Charts and Dashboards!

Export Charts and data from a Dashboard for easier sharing

Sharing individual Charts from Dashboards just got easier. Now when you are in any Dashboard, click the vertical menu on any Chart to easily export it as an image or download the table or feedback data behind it.

October 2023

Week of October 30th 2023

Separate insights from noise in seconds with Summarized Queries

Summarized Queries provide high-level summaries of insights from large volumes of feedback - with one click you’ll get an auto-generated summary of feedback from your query. Each Summarized Query is annotated with citations so you can dive deep into areas of interest with less fuss and more trust.

Copy Summary insights using the 📋 icon in the top right and straight into Slack, a doc, or a ticket to share insights and context with your team.

Read our blog post to learn more.

Updated time range controls on Trend Charts for easier anomaly tracking

User can now navigate according to selected aggregate periods in our Trend charts, both in Quantify & Dashboard. On Clicking of prev/next button, user will move backward/forward in time by one aggregate period (day, month or year), making it easier to view data from previous and next periods, especially helpful in tracking anomalies over time.

October 2023

Week of October 23rd 2023

Calculate the Sum on Quantify for quicker insights

Users can now calculate the Sum of metadata values, weighted by the feedback records on the Quantify page.

For example in the gif above we’re looking at the total number of upvotes received on feedback for Spotify on AppStore. This allows teams to quickly quantify the total number of records while also visualizing trends in the data.

Learn more about the the different calculations like Count, Mean, NPS, and CSAT you can use when on Quantify page in this Help Center article.

Edit Reasons anywhere in Enterpret

We've made the feedback process for editing Reasons even more seamless and user-friendly for all. Users are now able to directly edit the reason from both the Quantify/Dashboard chart & tables as well as on Feedback cards.

October 2023

Week of October 16th 2023

Custom Filters: Easier Insights, Effortless Collaboration!

Four ways to use Custom Filters to align your team and get insights faster

  • Create filters for commonly followed themes
  • Example: Feedback from the Playstore
  • Create filters for teams for easier alignment and onboarding for new team members
  • Example: Your growth team often needs to look at
  • Create filters for specific issues or releases
  • Example: Users using Version X that canceled their subscriptions
  • Create filters to analyze trends at different stages of the customer journey
  • Example: Filter for looking at feedback from users in the sales pipeline vs filter by users who have made 3 purchases

Custom Filters Tips

  1. We recommend a clear naming structure for filters [Who the filter is for (team or squad etc.)] - [What the filter is (keyword, theme, issue, etc.)
  2. Connect with your team to define filters that can help your team save time and align with common questions you're trying to answer. Some good questions to help frame the conversation:
  3. How did release XYZ impact customers?
  4. What is X cohort of users doing?
  5. What are some filters that could help onboard new teammates
  6. During your quarterly or bi-annual planning revisit Enterpret filters you may want to update, remove or create.
October 2023

Week of October 9th 2023

We shipped some UX improvements for better visibility into data at a glance and more intuitive filtering as well as a few improvements to our Slack and Discord Integrations and SSO improvements. Here's a quick snapshot:

Dashboard and Chart UX Improvements:

  • Introduced timestamps to Anomaly Charts on Dashboards
  • Added 14 day (14D) as a new preset for dates to better represent product development workflows
  • Improved visibility into bar chart data on Dashboards
  • Introduced new transcript previews on audio recording feedback cards for easy scanning
  • Added email auto-complete to Dashboard and Search Report Subscriptions
  • Updated Feedback Card transcript interaction for better usability

Slack and Discord Integration Updates

  • Incorporated nudges in Slack and Discord Integration Page to show when no channels are connected

SSO Improvements

  • Enhanced SSO de-provisioning

Read on for more details on everything that shipped in Enterpret the week of October 9th!

Introduced timestamps to Anomaly Charts on Dashboards

We’ve added a header to clearly communicate what time window (day/week/month) an Anomaly is appearing.

Added 14D (14 days) as a new preset for dates to better represent product development workflows

Many product teams are building in 2-week cycles or "sprints" (like us 😄). We've added a new 14-day filter across Enterpret to better represent how teams want to view and analyze their feedback and data.

Better visibility into bar chart data on Dashboards

We’ve added a banner to bar charts to shows how many Reasons, Keywords, or Metadata fields are represented on Quantify Chart when added to a Dashboard.

New transcript previews on audio recording feedback cards for easy scanning

When a user searches for some “text”, or when there's summary to show upfront on an audio recording feedback card, we’ll show a snippet of the transcript instead.

Added email auto-complete to Dashboard and Search Report Subscriptions

We now have auto-complete suggestions when subscribing or adding people to a Dashboard or Saved Search Reports.

Updated Feedback Card transcript interaction for better usability

We’ve added visual distinctions (different shades) for clearer visibility and an X icon to help users dismiss the transcript.

Incorporated nudges in Slack or Discord Integration Page to show when no channels are connected

We’ve improved the workflow for our Slack and Discord integrations in two ways:

  • If there’s an integration with no channels added, we show a notification
  • Upon redirecting back from Slack/Discord after authenticating, we open up the flow to add channels

Enhanced SSO de-provisioning

We’ve improved our Okta SSO de-provisioning to also include the user unassigned from app event. Previously for a tenant with Okta SSO, a user was off-boarded from Enterpret only if they were removed or deactivated. Now, they can also be off-boarded by just revoking their access to Enterpret from Okta.

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