We are building customer feedback intelligence

Enterpret enables companies to analyze their customer feedback at scale.
We are solving complex problems in NLP, ml-ops, analytics, and data visualization.We also get very competitive playing Codenames.
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Core values

Core Values are critical behavioral values that we hold everyone accountable for at Enterpret.
Be an owner, 
Not a renter
We all win when Enterpret wins. We play for the team and do what is needed to make Enterpret win.
Care personally, Challenge directly
We care personally for our teammates. We give and ask for direct and actionable feedback.
Humble growth mindset
We carry a mindset of humility, coupled with a strong desire to learn and get better.
Operating Principles
Operating Principles guide how we operate at Enterpret. They add clarity when we are evaluating and prioritizing between projects.
Solve customer pain
We exist to solve customer pain - continuously learn about our customer’s most critical pain points and solve them.
Ambition shapes reality
What we achieve is defined by what we aim to accomplish. We set ambitious goals for ourselves and back ourselves to hit them. Failures we encounter along the way are fuel for us to learn and get better.
Fast paced yet detailed oriented
Build fast. Learn fast. Repeat. But we never sacrifice the details that matter.

Meet The Entropies

Amandeep Singh
Software Engineer
Anshal Dwivedi
Founding Engineer
Ansup Babu
Senior AI Engineer
Arnav Sharma
Co-founder, CTO
Aryan Shridhar
Software Engineer
Bhavathi Reddy
Software Engineer
Gopi Kommu
Software Engineer
Harshwardhan Koushik
Software Engineer
Hrishi Hiraskar
Founding Engineer
Ishita Mundhra
Software Engineer
Jack Divita
Customer Success Manager
Matt Miller
Customer Success Manager
Noah Klausman
Enterprise Account Executive
Paul Williams
Sales Development
Priyanshu Nayan
Software Engineer
Raveesh Motlani
Founder's Office
Raviraja Ganta
Founding Engineer
Shripad Bhat
AI Engineer
Subhrajit Bal
Data Annotator
Tiffany Go
Head of Product Marketing
Vaibhav Goel
ML Engineer
Varun Sharma
Co-founder, CEO
Viraj Bagal
NLP Engineer
Vivek Kaushal

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