Enterpret for Voice of Customer Teams

Put customers at the heart of your most critical product decisions

Get real-time insights into customers and understand what matters most to drive customer loyalty, satisfaction, and revenue
Trusted by customer-led product companies
Single source of truth
Enterpret integrates with all of your tools, across all channels, to create an intelligent, single source of customer truth.
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Consolidate all feedback
Bring all of your structured and unstructured data into a single view, including surveys, meeting notes, online reviews, and more.
Deeply understand customers
Enterpret is able to add metadata to your Unified Feedback Repository to make it easy to slice and dice data while quantifying insights.
Real-time updates
The Custom Taxonomy that is built for your organization is designed to pick up themes and anomalies in real-time.
See trends emerge as they’re happening
Uncover trends, patterns, and what’s driving customer loyalty and retention in real-time, instantly react to urgent topics that negatively impact your customer experience, and access the intelligence you need to drive better customer experiences.
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Prevent churn and identify upsells
Use your product data and metrics to reduce risk. Build Enterpret Dashboards to track usage trends or uncover anomalies so your teams can take the best next actions to prevent churn.
Signals around what customers want
Enterpret makes it easy to find signals that show what diffferent cohorts or types of users want. Use these insights to validate and inspire a roadmap that helps you drive revenue.
Create a shared understanding of customers
Discover where you need to improve your product, logistics, and experiences, and make decisions based on what your customers actually want.
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Create delightful experiences
Get real-time insights into customers and understand what matters most to drive customer loyalty, satisfaction, and revenue
Close the loop
Identify the right person to message, which customers to include in a beta program, and much more to nurture valuable relationships with customers.
Before Enterpret, organizing research data took an entire day. Now, research synthesis is 83% faster - it takes just 15 minutes to pull the data and another 15 minutes to start synthesizing. Enterpret removes the manual work, allowing me to focus on strategic thinking with a clear mind.
Mike McNasby
User Research Lead, Descript
We are laser-focused on giving customers more than they expect through a hospitality-first, individualized approach to drive retention and loyalty. Enterpret has allowed us to stitch together a full picture of the customer, including feedback and reviews from multiple data points. We now can super-serve our loyal customers in a way that we have never been able to before.
Anna Esrov
Vice President of Customer Experience & Loyalty
Enterpret allowed us to listen to specific issues and come closer to our Members - prioritizing feedback which needed immediate attention, when it came to monitoring reception of new releases: Enterpret picked up insights for new updates and became the eyes of whether new systems and functionality were working well or not.
Louise Sellars
Analyst, Customer Insights
Enterpret is one of the most powerful tools in our toolkit. It's very Member-friendly. We've been able to share how other teams can modify and self-serve in Enterpret. It's bridged a gap to getting access to Member feedback, and I see all our teams finding ways to use Enterpret to answer Member-related questions.
Dina Mohammad-Laity
VP of Data
The Enterpret platform is like the hero team of data analysts you always wanted - the ability to consolidate customer feedback from diverse touch points and identify both ongoing and emerging trends to ensure we focus on and build the right things has been amazing. We love the tools and support to help us train the results to our unique business and users and the Enterpret team is outstanding in every way.
Larisa Sheckler
COO, Samsung Food
With Enterpret powering Voice of Customer we're democratizing feedback and making it accessible for everyone across product, customer success, marketing, and leadership to provide evidence and add credibility to their strategies and roadmaps.
Michael Nguyen
Head of Research Ops and Insights, Figma
Boll & Branch takes pride in being a data driven company and Enterpret is helping us unlock an entirely new source of data. Enterpret quantifies our qualitative data while still keeping customer voice just a click away, adding valuable context and helping us get a more complete view of our customers.
Matheson Kuo
Senior Product Analyst, Boll & Branch
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