How Loom leverages Enterpret to democratize feedback and deliver exceptional customer experiences at scale

Tiffany Go
Head of Product Marketing
October 3, 2023

Loom was founded in 2015 with the mission to empower people at work to communicate more effectively, with video - regardless of where they are in the world. With over 21 million users and $35 million in revenue, Loom is deeply committed to driving product innovation using customer feedback.

Recently, we spoke with Lauren, Loom’s Head of Support & Operations to hear about how they use Enterpret. She has played a pivotal role in shaping the customer experience at Loom since joining the company in 2018.

Customer feedback is a pot of gold that often goes undiscovered

Lauren’s team pays attention to traditional metrics such as response time and CSAT. But they put a great deal of emphasis on take feedback and translate these into insights to help their product development teams take action on the most critical feedback.

Loom operates in a rapidly evolving landscape where video messaging for work is still a relatively new behavior. As Lauren puts it, "Video for work is an ever-evolving concept and our customers know best. They tell us how they want to use Loom for work and we want and need to listen in order to provide the best experience."

Growth leads to an explosion of feedback

Loom has experienced rapid year over year growth, and with it the feedback has grown exponentially. Lauren shares that the team can interact with up to 500 people daily in customer support alone. And, this number doesn’t even account for feedback from sales calls, surveys, and various social channels. On average the team communicates with over 10,000 people monthly across many channels!

This reached a boiling point last year where dealing with the volume of feedback became increasingly difficult and Loom's previous approach involved manual tagging, collecting data through forms, and sifting through feedback from various platforms wasn’t cutting it. This also took away mindshare from being able to provide the team with the necessary insights they needed to

Lauren and the Loom team started looking for a way to create a process where the team could represent the voice of the customer. The requirements were:

  • Better ways so consolidate all feedback across all channels
  • Automated ways to organize feedback by theme and cohorts without manual tagging
  • Smart ways to surface and prioritize customer insights

Lauren recalls, “We needed a smart solution to help us streamline our processes by creating a single source of truth so we can maintain the high standard of customer experience our users expect from Loom. This is why we chose Enterpret.”

Using Enterpret to manage customer feedback at scale and gain valuable insights

For the last year Enterpret has become an invaluable tool for Loom and is used by teams across support, engineering, and product functions to streamline their efforts in several key areas:

  • Data Consolidation: Enterpret effortlessly aggregates data from diverse sources and channels, providing a unified view.
  • Prioritization: The platform aids in determining which feedback to prioritize, ensuring that critical issues are addressed promptly.
  • Performance Analysis: Loom leverages Enterpret to evaluate the success of product launches and new features, measuring their impact on customer satisfaction.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Enterpret enables Loom to gauge customer sentiment, offering deeper insights into their experiences.

Understanding Loom’s voice of customer with Enterpret

Lauren shares that the biggest benefit is “Enterpret makes it easy to understand and prioritize the most important feedback themes. Having data organized in one place, make it easy to dig into the associated feedback to deeply understand the voice of customer so we can delight users, solve issues, and deliver on the most important requests.”

Democratizing data and fostering customer-centricity

Lauren highlights the transformative power of Enterpret, explaining, “Customer feedback is often buried in Zendesk, surveys, or calls, making it difficult for the team to find and take action on. With Enterpret all feedback becomes accessible to everyone, in one place - survey data side by with NPS data and more. Enterpret is  democratizing access to this gold-mind of insights for our entire team.” With Enterpret the Loom team can see survey data side by with NPS data next to a tweet or a sales call recording which gives everyone the full picture.

Identifying trends swiftly for operational efficiency and exceptional customer experiences

Lauren emphasizes the importance of recognizing emerging trends and how Enterpret helps with this. She explains, "Enterpret helps us spot new trends as they emerge, thanks to features like the Anomaly Charts. When customers mention something new, we want to identify it immediately as a new trend." This real-time insight allows Lauren’s team to triage something before it snowballs or action on  important feedback that can elevate the customer experience.

Streamline measurement of launches and updatesThe Loom team recently launched an array of exciting Loom AI features and they used Enterpret to track how the launch went. Enterpret’s model picked up on customer feedback associated with the launch making it easy to set up Dashboards and Charts to monitor the launch and understand high-level requests, themes, and sentiment. From there Lauren and her team used Enterpret to automate the saved Summary highlighting performance to Slack to help quickly “put insights where the company lives”.

Looking to the future

Like many forward-thinking companies and leaders, Lauren and her team are actively thinking about how to leverage AI as part of their strategy.

Lauren is particularly excited about Enterpret’s upcoming Product Co-pilot release. The Co-Pilot will provide a Google-like search experience that will make it easy to ask Enterpret your burning customer question wherever you need insights. It will also surface the data in summarized form with easy to access while offering summarize feedback in-depth analysis. This innovation will further empower teams to explore insights and drive continuous improvement.

Loom's journey with Enterpret is a testament to the company's unwavering commitment to its customers and we look forward in supporting Lauren and the Loom team in their quest to deliver exceptional video experiences as they continue to grow!

Get a demo with your data
We are laser-focused on giving customers more than they expect through a hospitality-first, individualized approach to drive retention and loyalty. Enterpret has allowed us to stitch together a full picture of the customer, including feedback and reviews from multiple data points. We now can super-serve our loyal customers in a way that we have never been able to before.
Anna Esrov
Vice President of Customer Experience & Loyalty
Enterpret allowed us to listen to specific issues and come closer to our Members - prioritizing feedback which needed immediate attention, when it came to monitoring reception of new releases: Enterpret picked up insights for new updates and became the eyes of whether new systems and functionality were working well or not.
Louise Sellars
Analyst, Customer Insights
Enterpret is one of the most powerful tools in our toolkit. It's very Member-friendly. We've been able to share how other teams can modify and self-serve in Enterpret. It's bridged a gap to getting access to Member feedback, and I see all our teams finding ways to use Enterpret to answer Member-related questions.
Dina Mohammad-Laity
VP of Data
The big win-win is our VoC program enabled us to leverage our engineering resources to ship significantly awesome and valuable features while minimizing bug fixes and" keep the lights on" work. Magnifying and focusing on the 20% that causes the impact is like finding the needle in a haystack, especially when you have issues coming from all over the place
Abishek Viswanathan
Since launching our Voice of Customer program six months ago, our team has dropped our human inquiry rate by over 40%, improved customer satisfaction, and enabled our team to allocate resources to building features that increase LTV and revenue.
Abishek Viswanathan
Enterpret's Gong Integration is a game changer on so many levels. The automated labeling of feedback saves dozens of hours per week. This is essential in creating a customer feedback database for analytics.
Michael Bartimer
Revenue Operations Lead
Enterpret has made it so much easier to understand our customer feedback. Every month I put together a Voice of Customer report on feedback trends. Before Enterpret it would take me two weeks - with Enterpret I can get it done in 3 days.
Maya Bakir
Product Operations, Notion
The Enterpret platform is like the hero team of data analysts you always wanted - the ability to consolidate customer feedback from diverse touch points and identify both ongoing and emerging trends to ensure we focus on and build the right things has been amazing. We love the tools and support to help us train the results to our unique business and users and the Enterpret team is outstanding in every way.
Larisa Sheckler
COO, Samsung Food
Enterpret makes it easy to understand and prioritize the most important feedback themes. Having data organized in one place, make it easy to dig into the associated feedback to deeply understand the voice of customer so we can delight users, solve issues, and deliver on the most important requests.
Lauren Cunningham
Head of Support and Ops
With Enterpret powering Voice of Customer we're democratizing feedback and making it accessible for everyone across product, customer success, marketing, and leadership to provide evidence and add credibility to their strategies and roadmaps.
Michael Nguyen
Head of Research Ops and Insights, Figma
Boll & Branch takes pride in being a data driven company and Enterpret is helping us unlock an entirely new source of data. Enterpret quantifies our qualitative data while still keeping customer voice just a click away, adding valuable context and helping us get a more complete view of our customers.
Matheson Kuo
Senior Product Analyst, Boll & Branch
Enterpret has transformed our ability to use feedback to prioritize customers and drive product innovation. By using Enterpret to centralize our data, it saves us time, eliminates manual tagging, and boosts accuracy. We now gain near real-time insights, measure product success, and easily merge feedback categories. Enterpret's generative AI technology has streamlined our processes, improved decision-making, and elevated customer satisfaction
Nathan Yoon
Business Operations,
Enterpret helps us have a holistic view from our social media coverage, to our support tickets, to every single interaction that we're plugging into it. Beyond just keywords, we can actually understand: what are the broader sentiments? What are our users saying?
Emma Auscher
Global VP of Customer Experience, Notion
The advantage of Enterpret is that we’re not relying entirely on human categorization. Enterpret is like a second brain that is looking out for themes and trends that I might not be thinking about.
Misty Smith
Head of Product Operations, Notion
As a PM, I want to prioritize work that benefits as many of our customers as possible. It can be too easy to prioritize based on the loudest customer or the flavor of the moment. Because Enterpret is able to compress information across all of our qualitative feedback sources, I can make decisions that are more likely to result in positive outcomes for the customer and our business.
Duncan Stewart
Product Manager
We use Enterpret for our VoC & Root Cause Elimination Program - Solving the issues of aggregating disparate sources of feedback (often tens of thousands per month) and distilling it into specific reasons, with trends, so we can see if our product fixes are reducing reasons.
Nathan Yoon
Business Operations,