Helps you find customer feedback proactively that slips through the crack. Inspect time series data over multiple weeks or months - and find what customers have been saying which is trending up.

We have defined two system-level anomaly rules, to find weekly and monthly anomalies in your voice of the customer - so that no customer goes unheard.

Soon, we would be adding custom anomaly rules so you can set up queries like find me all anomalies in the voice of power users.

Stat Widgets

Metrics are numbers and statistics that we use to measure or track performance. Metrics model complex information into principal components, that help us understand one number instead of many moving parts.

Introducing two metrics:

  • Average Sentiment Score: Compute your average sentiment score for any source, for any customer segment, or for any date range.
  • Total Feedback Count: Counts the number of feedback records for the given query.

Soon, we would be launching how the metric has changed compared to another query.