While analyzing customer feedback is crucial to making the right decisions about your product, feedback in isolation, lacking context, can often lead to important insights getting lost in an ocean of data. So, here is a step towards giving our users more control over one of the most important parts of any unstructured data - the metadata.

Introducing “Manage Metadata”, a single point of reference to view and manage all the metadata you receive from various feedback sources. Now you can decide what metadata shows up on Enterpret, rename metadata fields to make it more understandable in your organization, mark fields as important to highlight them in the feedback card, and merge similar fields received from different sources to create a seamless analytics experience.

Whether you want to analyze feedback from a target user group or follow up with a customer on feedback provided, we believe clean and interpretable metadata makes life easier! You can find the help center documentation here.

And as always, we love feedback as much as you do. So once you are done managing your feedback, let us know if you have any for us!