Gong is an excellent tool for sales insights, but it’s a black box for product teams. Enterpret opens that black box and builds awareness about what your customers share on Gong.

With this new integration, Enterpret automatically ingests Gong calls every few hours, along with all the metadata present in Gong from Salesforce. It then summarises it, and just like every other feedback ingested in Enterpret - the taxonomy is updated, and the feedback is tagged with it. Some of the capabilities are:

  • Analytics on the content of Gong calls

    See how tracked keywords are trending over a period of time. Quickly identify the top reasons of feedback. Slice and dice them by Salesforce metadata properties like opportunity stage, name, etc.
  • Do self-serve research

    Identify reasons of feedback for competitors and features alike. Find Gong calls where your feature was talked about negatively or a competitor was talked about positively. Listen to the snippet directly in Enterpret and share it with your team.

As always, we greatly value your input on what we’ve shipped, as well as what we’re currently working on. 🙏