We built Enterpret to provide you with unparalleled flexibility in navigating your customer feedback. Now, we are constantly working towards making the platform more accessible, easy to use, and powerful.

February was a month of exciting changes and a true reflection of the direction we aim to take with Enterpret as a product - more autonomy and power to our users.

Here's a rundown of everything we've been up to. Please dive in and share your valuable feedback:

Update Taxonomy in a Jiffy

Taxonomy determines which keywords and reasons are tracked on your Enterpret account.

Our new and improved view lets you make any required changes to your taxonomy in just a few clicks, whenever you need.

No more noting down changes and back-and-forth with our engineering teams. We've put you in complete charge of your taxonomy on Enterpret.

Add, edit or archive tracked keywords

  • You can now add new tracked keywords to your Enterpret taxonomy in seconds.
  • Edit a tracked keyword by making changes to phrases or reasons.
  • Archive a tracked keyword that is no longer relevant for your taxonomy hygiene - you can always unarchive it when required.

Update, Archive & Merge Reasons

  • We have added the ability to edit a reason by changing its name or adding more associated tracked keywords.
  • Archive and unarchive reasons with a single click.
  • You can also merge similar reasons under one primary reason for better tracking efficiency.

The changes may take up to 30 minutes to reflect in the taxonomy. We will notify you as soon as all changes have been made.

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User Permissions and Management

Product discovery is a collaborative endeavour. We introduce our new user management capabilities that help you administer permissions across the platform and work with your team more effectively.

Control Auto-Approve

  • To restrict sign-ups on your Enterpret account from approved domains, toggle off Auto-Approve in Workspace Settings, requiring users to receive an invite from the Admin instead.

Change roles or Suspend Users

  • You can invite new users on approved domains as either 'Members' or fellow 'Admins'
  • There is no upper limit to the number of users you can invite to your Enterpret account - setting you up for great team collaboration
  • You can now suspend users who are no longer in your organization. This removes their access, which the admin can reinstate.
  • We have also added the ability to change the access level of an existing user from Member to Admin and vice versa

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Improvements and Enhancements

Custom Webhook Integration:

You can now create a webhook integration and receive an API key directly from Enterpret's integrations page. This enables you to create integrations in minutes, all on your own.

Visually Inclusive Color Palette:

We have added 15 new charting colours that bring a new, more inclusive variety of shades to accommodate better our users with different vision abilities, like colorblindness. The new colors are easier to differentiate and work well on a dark background.

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..and that's a wrap!

With our commitment to putting you first stronger than ever, we are super excited to roll out these updates on Enterpret.

You are the most important stakeholder in our decisions. Please give the new tools a shot, and feel free to reach out to us with any feedback!