Sometimes, little improvements make a big difference. Our latest feature - the Global Toggle for Feedback <> Summary - has made it easier for you to focus on what matters most.

How does it work?

The Global Toggle allows you to switch between Feedback and Summary views for all feedback cards in one go. This means no more individually toggling each card, just a single switch for your entire search analysis and feedback drawer!

Why this change?

We understand that, at times, you might prefer to read feedback, while on other occasions, you might want to read crisp summaries to get a broader perspective. However, before, switching to the summary view for all feedback required toggling each card separately - not very convenient, right?

To make your experience more seamless, we've introduced the Global Toggle. This way, you can dive into the insights that matter most to you without breaking a sweat.

Give the Global Toggle for Feedback <> Summary a try today and enjoy a smoother, more efficient feedback analysis experience!