Reason model improvements

Reasons are self-descriptive short summaries of the voice of customers in feedback. We have released a new model for reasons which has improved its recall between 1.2-2x. Essentially, this would mean that more feedback is tagged with reasons and is easier to analyze.

We have backfilled all data from January 1 2021 with the updated model.

Invite Flow

We have made it easier to invite users to Enterpret. You'll only be able to add users of the verified domain. You can also copy a magic invite link and share it with your colleagues.


In our effort to make Enterpret even easier to use, we have added keybindings to easily switch between different views present in Enterpret. So, now by pressing Shift + S - you will be moved to semantic search.

Fixes and improvements

  1. Fixed a bug where creating a new chart was crashing for fields with a quote in them.
  2. Improved the UI for reports.
  3. Fixed broken highlights for entity and reason.