Unstructured Data Structured

Reasons are distilled voice of the customer. We have rolled out two major improvements to the reason detection and tagging model.

  • Recall increased by 30+%: 30-50% improvements on tagging existing reasons with feedback while maintaining 90+% precision.
  • Reason detection improved by 40%: A new model which detects new precise reasons automatically.

The implication is that 30-50% more of your unstructured customer feedback would get structured and allow you to do analytics on it.

Add a new Entity

Entity is a keyword group often mentioned by a customer. Enterpret automatically detects 90% of the entities that would be relevant to your product. For the 10% of cases, we have released a new feature to Add a New Entity.

You would only need to define what the name of the entity is, and what keywords you want to be tracked with it. Enterpret will then update your historical records for the past 3 months wherever the entity was mentioned. Fascinating, isn't it? See the demo above.