We, at Enterpret, believe it is important for customers to be able to interpret why the model made the prediction. Along the same lines, we have launched a couple of more features.

Highlight entity and reason matches

Looking up feedback for an entity or a reason now highlights why we made the prediction. This at a glance offers clarity of why the prediction was made.

Entity detail page

To get more visibility into the definition of an Entity, how it fits in the taxonomy - we have launched a detail page for each entity. This would help you to get an insight into what kind of phrases this entity gets mapped to, how it's been trending, and when it was discovered. Feedback cards highlight where the entity was discovered for better "enterpret"ability.

SurveyMonkey Integration

We launched our custom Survey Monkey Integration with an easy one-click integration. This would allow you to analyze Survey Monkey survey responses tagged with your custom taxonomy. Discover what's driving low NPS, and respond faster to product quality issues.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fix routing for reports to go to /report
  • Auto close querybuilder when a query is applied.
  • Compact layout for stacked bar charts in reports.
  • Fix bug where you could perform an incomplete query.