New and Improved Feedback Cards

We, at Enterpret, value building trust with you and the predictions being made. Launching an improved layout of Feedback Cards with emphasis on the interpretability of the model. All predictions now explain why the prediction was made.

  • Detailed layout: Easier to read through the entire conversation, survey, review, or any other feedback.
  • Interpretability: Skip reading the entire conversation by just clicking on reasons of feedback or entities mentioned - and the feedback card will take you where the prediction was made.

Amplitude Integration

Sync Amplitude cohorts with Enterpret and join customer feedback with user behavior. Answer some key questions like:

  • What is the voice of churned users saying?
  • How is the voice of churned users different from that of retained users?
  • How is the voice of casual users different from that of power users?

Leverage the feedback your users are already giving you. Get key user insights that move your product metrics in seconds, not months.

Normalize by total feedback

Total feedback count changes week over week or month over month. We just launched normalization analysis, which discounts for feedback variations over time. Time series tooltips now show how much the count changed compared to the previous time period.

New Feedback Integrations

We are launching new one-click integrations every week to build your unified feedback repository. New integrations we have launched recently:

  1. Typeform: Automatically ingest Typeform surveys into Enterpret.
  2. G2: Ingest G2 reviews into Enterpret and answer why users dislike or like your product with one click.