We're absolutely thrilled to present the fresh, bright look of Enterpret! Now, you have the power to switch between the mysterious depth of our Classic Dark Theme and the refreshing clarity of the just-arrived Light Theme.

  1. 🔄Theme Toggle on Your Terms: Jump between the Light and Dark themes with a simple click, matching your interface with your mood, the day's light, or to keep things interesting!
  2. 🌞A Refreshing Perspective: With our Light Theme, experience a clean, bright canvas that serves a visually soothing interface.
  3. 😎Comfort for Your Eyes: Working under the bright sky or simply prefer light backgrounds? Our Light Theme is crafted to be easy on your eyes and reduce screen-time fatigue.

It's time to see Enterpret in a new light! Brighten up your feedback analysis journey with our radiant Light Theme.