We're thrilled to roll out our latest feature, Save Feedback: Discover an interesting nugget of feedback while browsing? Don't lose it in the sea of feedback – save it for later!

Here's what you can do with Save Feedback:

  1. 💾Save Everywhere: Whether you're diving into Search or Quantify, you can save individual feedback records from anywhere within the product. Never miss out on those fascinating insights!
  2. 📂Save Items Tab: All your saved items are neatly organized and easily accessible under the new 'Save Items' tab. It's like your personal library of insightful feedback!
  3. 🔄Unsave with Ease: Changed your mind about a saved item? No worries. You can unsave items just as easily.
  4. 🎙️Gong Calls Special: You can save specific instances as summary snippets for Gong call. Highlight those key moments for future reference!

Get ready to bookmark your way through your feedback analysis journey with Save Feedback! Dive in and start saving those golden nuggets of insights today! 🌟🎉