Search: Find feedback, build awareness

Understanding customer feedback across all sources can be daunting, so we’ve made this easier than ever with Search.

Query across all your customer feedback for keywords and reasons, or perform a simple text search, and you’ll find feedback records along with informative charts for your query. We've also added recommendations based on trends in your customers' feedback and your interests.

Introducing the Top Navigation Bar

To further improve your analytics experience, we've moved all analysis tools to the

Explore tab on your sidebar. We've added a sticky top navigation bar to switch between Compare, Anomalies, Quantify (previously Thematic Analysis), and Search easily.

Curated Insights For you

We launched a capability where Enterpret delivers monthly insights, curated to your interests, straight to your email. You can add tracked keywords you care about as interests and Enterpret will send you a deep dive into your customers' voice for your chosen keywords. Tracking macro insights tailored to you has never been easier.

Enterpret <-> Snowflake

We launched our first data warehouse integration - Snowflake. Businesses of all sizes use Snowflake's platform to store and organize customer and operational data. With the launch of this integration, you can ingest customer feedback, along with user properties into Enterpret from Snowflake.

We love your feedback!

Search is your entry point to deeper, more powerful analyses. We would love to hear any thoughts, questions, or concerns that you have. The more feedback you provide, the faster the product improves!