Hello, Enterpretters!

We've been burning the midnight oil this past June, and the result is a set of thrilling new features for your Enterpret experience.
Now, you can bookmark interesting feedback for later, switch between our classic Dark Theme and the newly introduced Light Theme based on your preference, and merge reasons directly from Quantify.
All these enhancements ensure your journey with Enterpret is as seamless, efficient, and insightful as ever. Let's delve deeper into what's new!

Introducing Save Feedback: Your Personal Feedback Bookmarks!

Our latest feature, Save Feedback, allows you to bookmark interesting insights and access them later easily.

  • Save individual feedback records from anywhere within the product: Search or Quantify.
  • Access all your saved items under the new 'Save Items' tab, your feedback library.
  • Unsave items just as easily if you change your mind.
  • Use Save Feedback for Gong calls. You can save specific instances as summary snippets.

Streamline Your Analysis with Direct Merging in Quantify!

We've simplified your data analysis journey by allowing you to merge similar reasons directly from the Quantify visualization.

  • Activate the "Merge with another reason" option by hovering over a reason in your Quantify visualization.
  • Choose your desired reasons from a list of similar ones displayed in a new window.
  • Customize your merged reason name. Feel free to modify the auto-generated name if you're not satisfied with it!
  • Your merged reasons will be operational in 20-30 minutes after hitting "Merge Reasons."

Introducing Light Theme: A Fresh Look for Enterpret!

Enjoy a refreshing perspective with our new Light Theme. Choose between the Classic Dark Theme and the Vibrant Light Theme per your mood and preference.

  • Switch between themes with a simple click.
  • Experience a visually soothing interface with our Light Theme's clean, bright canvas.
  • Reduce screen-time fatigue and comfort your eyes, especially under bright lighting.

🍒 Small Improvements: The Cherry on Top

We've made some notable enhancements for a smoother user experience.

  • Query Retention: Unsaved Search/Quantify/Compare queries are retained even if you navigate away and return to them later. You no longer have to start from scratch each time.
  • Performance Improvements: Our drive to continually improve Enterpret's performance has led to major advancements. With server-side pagination implemented across the entire product, we've drastically enhanced load times, reducing them by 80%.

June has been quite a journey, and we hope you find these updates as exciting as we do! As always, we appreciate your feedback and look forward to improving your Enterpret experience.

Happy analyzing!