Released ability to Add Text in a Dashboard for enhanced storytelling with customer insights

By popular demand Enterpret users can add Text to your Dashboards! This feature allows you to jot down notes, provide explanations for your Quantify charts, and add any additional context needed. Improve communication and make your dashboards more informative and insightful.

Delivered new Error States for CSV File Upload Errors for clarity in error handling

Error encountered while uploading

Revamped the error states for CSV file uploads through the Integrations screen. Previously, users encountered a generic "failed to fetch" error, making troubleshooting difficult. Now, two distinct error state screens will provide specific feedback:

  • Error encountered while uploading
  • Error encountered after uploading

This enhancement reduces frustration and helps users quickly identify and resolve issues.

Launched Wisdom Chat List Extension for maximum visibility

Previously see all Wisdom chats was limited to 10 chats and now we've update the CTA to "See all Chats" and the list now displays as many chats as can fit in the left pane without scrolling. This enhancement allows you to access more conversations at a glance, improving efficiency and user experience.

Introduced Summarize with Wisdom CTA improvement on feed to optimize screen space

The Summarize with Wisdom CTA has been refined to save vertical space. We've replaced the full-width CTA with a regular CTA next to the feedback/summary toggle. Additionally, minor adjustments to the summary card enhance usability, making your workflow smoother and more intuitive.

Bug Fixes

Updated Dashboard navigation for Quantify Charts for better dashboard management

We've fixed the issue where adding a Quantify chart to the dashboard redirected users to the bottom of the page. Now, when you insert a chart, you remain at the chosen position, ensuring a seamless and efficient dashboard management experience.