Product Update: Manage User Access and Permissions

We have news! In an effort to put you in the driver's seat of your Enterpret account, we are introducing new user management capabilities on the platform.

Previously, anyone with an approved domain could sign up for your organization's Enterpret account. Teams couldn't control access levels for users or restrict certain users from their accounts.

We are glad to introduce this access management feature that eliminates this hassle.

Control Auto-Approve

  • Toggle off Auto-Approve under the Users tab in your Workspace Settings to restrict anyone with an approved domain to sign up on your organization's Enterpret account.
  • Once Auto-Approve is turned off, any user from an approved domain will require an invite from the Admin to have access to Enterpret.

Invite New Users

  • Send invitations to users with an approved domain by clicking the Invite button under the Users tab in your Workspace Settings.
  • Every invited member can either be an Admin or a Member. You can choose their access level while sending out the invite.
  • Admins have complete access to the entire Enterpret account, while Members cannot access the Workspace Settings page, Integrations page, and Metadata settings page.

Suspend Users & Change Access Tier

  • You can now Suspend users from accessing Enterpret by clicking Suspend User option from the hamburger menu against each user's record in your Workspace Settings.
  • You can also change the access level of existing users by making them an Admin or a Member from the same menu.

Please note that you need Admin-level access to view approved domains, control auto-approve, change access tiers, invite a new user as Admin, or suspend existing ones. Workspace settings are not available to Members once auto-approve is turned off.