"Jumping between pages for analysis and comparison? Too time-consuming!"

"I wish I could compare directly within the Quantify interface..." "You mean I have to learn two different interfaces?!"

No more of this 👆

Introducing: The Unified Quantify & Compare Experience

We've listened to your feedback and transformed the way you do analysis.
By merging Quantify and Compare into one seamless interface, we're putting all your essential tools right where you need them.

Now, comparisons are just a click away in Quantify. Select by time or criteria, and let the streamlined process guide you to insights faster.

Forget about switching between pages. The new intuitive UI empowers you to perform comprehensive analysis and comparison within a single space.

So why wait? Dive in and explore the new Quantify today! 🚀

No more barriers, just insights. Because that's how we believe feedback analysis should be.🔄