We're excited to introduce a new enhancement to our Quantify feature. Instead of maneuvering to the Taxonomy page to merge similar reasons, you can do it directly from the analysis page. Say goodbye to lengthy navigation and embrace a quicker, smoother analysis experience!

Here's what's new:

  1. Merge from Quantify: Hover over a reason in your quantify visualization to activate a handy menu. Click on "Merge with another reason" to get started.
  2. 📋Similar Reasons Unveiled: A new window will display a list of similar reasons for you to select from. Choose your desired reasons and get ready to merge!
  3. ✏️Customizable Merged Reason Name: We will auto-generate your merged reason name. Not a fan of the auto-generated Merged Reason name? No worries! Edit it to perfection for the newly merged reasons.
  4. Quick Processing: After hitting "Merge Reasons," give us 20-30 minutes. Your merged reasons will be up and running smoothly.

Leap into a more efficient data analysis journey with this handy enhancement in Quantify! Merging reasons has never been easier. Start refining your taxonomy directly from the analysis page today! 🎉