Introduced new personalized Onboarding

We've introduced a new personalized onboarding process that prompts new users to provide their role and areas of interest during signup. Whether you're a Product Manager, Founder, or Customer Success Manager, this onboarding process helps you outline your role, teams, and projects. With this information, the Wisdom experience becomes tailored to you, offering preset prompts that align with your role and interests.

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Added an Update Interests for a more personalized Wisdom experience

For a more personalized experience, we've added an 'Update Interests' feature on the Wisdom page. Click the You can modify your role and areas of work here. Refreshing the page within 30 seconds will ensure your recommended prompts are updated based on these new interests.

Enhanced Data Visualization in Pie Charts

We've enhanced the data visualization in pie charts by including an "Others" bucket to provide a more comprehensive view of all unselected values.

Previously, pie charts only displayed selected values (up to 15) as a percentage of those chosen, but with this improvement, you now see both selected and unselected values, allowing for a more accurate understanding of your data.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Resolved issues with the SAVE TO DASHBOARD button that caused Dashboards to refresh unexpectedly