Improved Summarized Queries and Citation Formatting

We've made several improvements to the appearance and display of Summarized Queries and Citations for enhanced readability and clarity:

  • Distinctive shapes for Citations: Citations are presented as circular bubbles, while all feedback Citations matching question filters for a Reason are displayed in square bubbles.
  • Clearer citation bubbles: User quotes now appear in smaller bubbles, making sentences easier to read.
  • Consistent formatting: Headings of bullet points within summaries now appear in bold, ensuring uniformity across the product.

See the gif above!

Enhanced Anomaly Detection in Dashboard Reports

Our latest update makes detecting Anomalies in Dashboard Reports even easier.

If a Dashboard Report contains an Anomaly, Enterpret will identify and highlight the top Anomalies from each Quantify in Slack messages or your Email report from Elly. This feature streamlines anomaly detection, providing actionable insights directly within your communication channels.

Starred Field Enhancement: Improved Visibility on Feedback Cards

We have enhanced the visibility of multi-value Starred Metadata Feedback fields on collapsed feedback cards. Previously, only a single value was displayed on the collapsed card, leading to potential oversight. With the latest update, a (+n) notation is appended to indicate multiple values, providing a more comprehensive overview. Hovering over the field reveals a tooltip showcasing all values associated with it.