Enhanced Summaries with Improved Visualization and Interaction

We've made several improvements to the appearance and display of Summarized Queries and Citations for enhanced readability and clarity:

  • Intuitive On-hover Insights: Wondering what lies behind a user quote? We've added on-hover copy that sets clear expectations for what you'll discover upon clicking a user quote. This new feature aims to enhance your interactive experience, providing you with a sneak peek of the insights awaiting you.
  • Refined Quotes Display: To enhance readability, we've introduced a more compact quotes bubble. This subtle change makes sentences easier to read, ensuring you get the information you need without the clutter.
  • Distinctive Quote Bubbles: We've differentiated the types of quotes you see for a clearer understanding. "Example" user quotes now appear in circular bubbles, making them stand out, while feedback matching the question filters for a Reason is displayed in square bubbles. This visual distinction helps you quickly identify the type of feedback you're looking at.

See the gif above!

Moved Notifications to Streamline Left Navigation Bar

We've moved Notifications to the Left Navigation user menu for a streamlined and cleaner navigation experience.