Enhanced Slack and Email Saved Search Reports

We've revamped the Slack and Email Saved Search Reports with significant design and content enhancements. Now, all Slack and Email Search Saved reports align more closely with the summaries you're familiar with from the Search UI for a consistent experience.

Improvements to annotations ensure better clarity and stronger engagement with customer feedback.

Example snippet from an email Saved Search Report

Merge multiple Reasons simultaneously

To streamline your workflow, we've introduced the capability to merge multiple reasons at once. By selecting the 'Merge with all selected reasons' option, you can now efficiently consolidate information, reducing the time and effort needed for data management.

Merge multiple Reasons at the same time

Improved scannability of Fields in the Query Builder

Identifying fields in the Search Query Builder has now become effortless. With our latest update, hovering over fields reveals an on-hover copy, making it significantly easier for users to recognize and recall their searches, especially beneficial for complex queries.

Easily view all values in a Field

Improved discovery of feedback context in annotations

Based on user feedback, we've redesigned the User Quotes Pop-up to eliminate confusion between the user quote and full feedback. We've added contextual queues on hover to clarify the meaning of icons used in the window. The introduction of giant double inverted commas distinctly indicates a snippet from the user’s feedback, not the complete feedback. An improved "View Feedback" CTA with clearer instructions enhances user interaction.

Easier access to Feedback Record from annotations

Optimized the discoverability of our Demo Instance

With the introduction of our demo instance, featuring publicly available Zoom data, we've refined the Explore Demo Instance modal. This optimization involves space reduction and improved copy, leading to a more streamlined and user-friendly experience. Get in touch if you want access to the Zoom instance.

Explore the Zoom demo instance