Improved Prediction editing

We've enhanced the search experience on our models to streamline the process of searching and adding predictions from the feedback cards. (see the screenshot above)

We're utilizing the same Taxonomy search API to showcase all search results for a specific query. As a result, users won't need to locate predictions in Taxonomy to include in their feedback.

Additionally, we added 'Reason' and 'Tracked Keywords' tabs with infinite scroll, similar to those in taxonomy, to increase familiarity and usabilit

Fine-tuned Slack Integration authentication

When authenticating Enterpret and Slack users will now be redirected back to the Dashboard/Search they were on!

Previously after authenticating while subscribing to a Dashboard, the user was redirected to the Search page which was incredibly frustrating!

Now, this issue has been fixed, after being redirected to the Slack<>Enterpret authorization screen, the user comes back to the Subscribe window.

Sentiment colors are now consistent across all charts

We have standardized colors for User Sentiment display on Trend, Pie, and Bar Charts.