Create Reasons for better organization of feedback in Enterpret

Reasons in Enterpret are used to quickly understand the underlying motivations or issues that prompted customers to give feedback. Enterpret’s Custom Taxonomy automatically tags all feedback with Reasons so teams can avoid wasting time manually tagging that feedback.

While having a LLM powered Taxonomy that automatically tags feedback saves time, it does not always address the challenges of:

  • Customers talk about feedback in different ways than your internal teams
  • Predicting the level of granularity your business wants to understand specific and important pieces of feedback
  • Customers talk about the same problem in multiple different ways

In listening to our own customer feedback, we realized that our users wanted the ability to define Reasons on top of the existing Taxonomy.

Enter, Create Reasons. Creating Reasons gives our users more agency and control to quantify and track areas of customer feedback in Enterpret:

  • Represent feedback the way your team wants to talk about your product
  • Strike the balance between too granular or too high-level Reasons
  • Prioritize more effectively with more actionable Reasons

Different Ways to Create Reasons

  • Create a Reason from a specific record, either based on a suggestion from Enterpret or using your own definition
  • Create a Reason from scratch by providing a free text definition, then let Enterpret find matching records
  • Create a new Reason by splitting a definition out of an existing Reason