Co-occurring Toggle on Compare with Category Filter Improvements

Category filters used to be broken in the Compare view. You couldn't exclude co-occurring reasons either. Now, both issues are fixed. The co-occurring toggle is here to make the Compare view much more useful.

Enhanced Journey for Adding Widgets to Dashboards

Adding widgets to dashboards just got easier. You can now drop widgets between rows or in the first row itself. This small change can make a big difference in how you organize your dashboard.

Enterpret Links Now Unfurl

Enterpret links now unfurl in tools like Figma, Linear, and Notion, giving you a quick snapshot of what Enterpret is. Before, these links were just plain URLs. Now, they provide context at a glance.

Auto-Collapse Summary Section on Scroll

When you want to dive into feedback records, the summary section now auto-collapses as you scroll. No more hunting for the collapse button. It's a small tweak that makes consuming feedback a lot smoother.