Perform powerful cross-source feedback analysis with Unified Fields

Consolidate of multiple metadata fields across sources, into a single unified entry on Enterpret.

  • Merge fields from different sources into one
  • Create Unified Fields to merge and analyzing feedback across different sources by geographic location, product line, sentiment, individual user profile ,etc.
  • Note: Only Admins can manage this feature

Learn more in the Unified Fields Help Center article

Update Integration Descriptions for sharper more accurate Summaries and Reasons

We've introducing the ability to add and edit descriptions for each of your integrations.

  • Include Integration Descriptions to boost our prediction models' accuracy
  • Mandatory for Salesforce and Slack integrations and while highly recommended for others
  • This update has no impact on existing integrations, but adding descriptions improves insights!

Learn more in the Integration Description Help Center article

Enterpret <> Qualtrics Integration

Easily connect your Qualtrics surveys with Enterpret’s robust data pipeline to analyze, and act on survey responses.

Learn more in the Qualtrics Integration Help Center article