Create Collections to share and save your most important feedback

NEW! Collections allow you to curate, organize, and share groups of feedback. Cherry-pick the most important feedback or group relevant insights together that can be used for planning, onboarding and sharing insights with your team.

  • Enrich Product Strategy and Documentation: Use Collections to gather and organize valuable anecdotes and feedback. Use Collections during product strategy meets or link in planning documents, PRDs, and other key documentation with curated insights that provide a deeper understanding of user needs and preferences.
  • Democratize Insights Across Teams: Empower your team by providing access to curated feedback. Collections enable you to bring your team into the feedback loop in a structured and meaningful way, ensuring everyone is aligned and informed about user perspectives.
  • Accelerate Team Onboarding: Make Collections part of your onboarding process for new teammates. By sharing curated sets of feedback, new teammates can quickly get up to speed with user insights, company priorities, and project context, facilitating a smoother transition and faster productivity.

Learn how to set up Collections here and read about what's next for Collections on our blog.

Improved the Compare Page Experience with Auto-Save Renamed Filters

Users can now rename filters on the Compare page by simply pressing `Enter`, eliminating the need to interact with the❌ or ✅ icons. This enhancement reduces the number of clicks and streamlines the renaming process.

Updated Dashboard Filters  to apply to the denominators for more accurate data representation

Global filters on dashboards will now apply to the denominator of a Quantify chart. This change ensures consistency and accuracy in the displayed results, addressing previous issues where unexpected results occurred due to filters not applying to the denominator.

Added Time-Range quick switch on Trend Charts with no results for better user interaction

Trend charts without results will now display the quick switchers at the bottom of the bar, allowing users to easily switch to a different time window. This improvement enhances user interaction and includes updated copy for better clarity.