✨Streamlined Integrations Page

Users can now access individual Integration Pages and manage metadata directly on each page for a streamlined more intuitive experience. See gif for more information. P.S. can you spot the Easter🥚? Exciting announcement coming tomorrow 😉

Note: With this update we've phased out the separate Metadata Management page

⚡️ Feedback Card UX and Performance Improvements

We made a series of UX and performance Improvements to improve Feedback cards:

  • Reorganized metadata section for better organization and viewability.
  • Hover to see the complete value of a metadata field.
  • Feedback records load significantly faster with Enterpret pre-fetching records while users browse feedback records

🔮 Better Predictions with Templated Dynamic Questions

Users can now add dynamic questions while uploading CSVs, or integrating through Census. Enabling Dynamic Question makes it easier for our ML models to understand the context in which feedback was shared, leading to more accurate feedback and predictions!

For instance, when collecting feedback from a survey about help center articles, the specific article topic varies. So, the question might be: "Did you find the article on creating dashboards helpful?" for one user, while it might be "Did you find the article on scheduling weekly reports helpful?", for another user.

To handle this, you can use a flexible format like: ​Did you find the article on {{ help-center topic }} helpful?

To create such dynamic questions, just insert {{ metadata field's name }} into your question. In this example here, {{ help-center topic }} is a placeholder that adapts to different topics, provided that help-center topic is the name of available metadata field.