Custom Filters: Easier Insights, Effortless Collaboration!

Four ways to use Custom Filters to align your team and get insights faster

  • Create filters for commonly followed themes
  • Example: Feedback from the Playstore
  • Create filters for teams for easier alignment and onboarding for new team members
  • Example: Your growth team often needs to look at
  • Create filters for specific issues or releases
  • Example: Users using Version X that canceled their subscriptions
  • Create filters to analyze trends at different stages of the customer journey
  • Example: Filter for looking at feedback from users in the sales pipeline vs filter by users who have made 3 purchases

Custom Filters Tips

  1. We recommend a clear naming structure for filters [Who the filter is for (team or squad etc.)] - [What the filter is (keyword, theme, issue, etc.)
  2. Connect with your team to define filters that can help your team save time and align with common questions you're trying to answer. Some good questions to help frame the conversation:
  3. How did release XYZ impact customers?
  4. What is X cohort of users doing?
  5. What are some filters that could help onboard new teammates
  6. During your quarterly or bi-annual planning revisit Enterpret filters you may want to update, remove or create.