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May 2024

Week of May 13th 2024

Create Collections to share and save your most important feedback

NEW! Collections allow you to curate, organize, and share groups of feedback. Cherry-pick the most important feedback or group relevant insights together that can be used for planning, onboarding and sharing insights with your team.

  • Enrich Product Strategy and Documentation: Use Collections to gather and organize valuable anecdotes and feedback. Use Collections during product strategy meets or link in planning documents, PRDs, and other key documentation with curated insights that provide a deeper understanding of user needs and preferences.
  • Democratize Insights Across Teams: Empower your team by providing access to curated feedback. Collections enable you to bring your team into the feedback loop in a structured and meaningful way, ensuring everyone is aligned and informed about user perspectives.
  • Accelerate Team Onboarding: Make Collections part of your onboarding process for new teammates. By sharing curated sets of feedback, new teammates can quickly get up to speed with user insights, company priorities, and project context, facilitating a smoother transition and faster productivity.

Learn how to set up Collections here and read about what's next for Collections on our blog.

Improved the Compare Page Experience with Auto-Save Renamed Filters

Users can now rename filters on the Compare page by simply pressing `Enter`, eliminating the need to interact with the❌ or ✅ icons. This enhancement reduces the number of clicks and streamlines the renaming process.

Updated Dashboard Filters  to apply to the denominators for more accurate data representation

Global filters on dashboards will now apply to the denominator of a Quantify chart. This change ensures consistency and accuracy in the displayed results, addressing previous issues where unexpected results occurred due to filters not applying to the denominator.

Added Time-Range quick switch on Trend Charts with no results for better user interaction

Trend charts without results will now display the quick switchers at the bottom of the bar, allowing users to easily switch to a different time window. This improvement enhances user interaction and includes updated copy for better clarity.

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May 2024

Week of May 6th 2024

Released enhanced Comparisons for more customizable data analysis

Now you have the flexibility to edit the denominator in percentage comparisons, allowing for more precise and relevant data insights.

Launched an Amazon Connect Integration for seamless call management

Direct integration with Amazon Connect streamlines the ingestion of support calls, enhancing workflow efficiency. The integration includes transcription support for automatic transcription of audio feedback ensures that no detail is missed and enhances record-keeping.

Enhanced Webhook support for expanded functionality for audio and video tools

Our Webhook API now includes support for audio recordings, enhancing the ways you can interact and provide feedback. The updates support audio and video recordings, with or without transcripts, accommodating various feedback formats. Enterpret efficiently processes and organizes audio/video inputs, simplifying data handling and analysis for automatic transcription and speaker classification.

Shipped the ability to use Metadata as a link for streamlined source accessibility

For sources that lack a native link (like uploading a file, or sending data through Zapier, Census, Webhook APIs, Snowflake, etc.), users can now use a metadata field as a clickable link, improving data traceability and access.

Renamed Search to Feed for enhanced content discovery

The "Search" feature has been renamed to "Feed" to reflect its broader utility and focus on delivering relevant content. All Saved Items will remain unchanged. Stay tuned for more innovative features that enhance your experience

Optimized navigation on smaller screens to optimized user experience

We've shipped an adaptive navigation bar that automatically adjusts on smaller screens, ensuring that essential features are always accessible and user interaction is intuitive.

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April 2024

Week of April 29th 2024

Introduced new personalized Onboarding

We've introduced a new personalized onboarding process that prompts new users to provide their role and areas of interest during signup. Whether you're a Product Manager, Founder, or Customer Success Manager, this onboarding process helps you outline your role, teams, and projects. With this information, the Wisdom experience becomes tailored to you, offering preset prompts that align with your role and interests.

Learn more about Wisdom!

Added an Update Interests for a more personalized Wisdom experience

For a more personalized experience, we've added an 'Update Interests' feature on the Wisdom page. Click the You can modify your role and areas of work here. Refreshing the page within 30 seconds will ensure your recommended prompts are updated based on these new interests.

Enhanced Data Visualization in Pie Charts

We've enhanced the data visualization in pie charts by including an "Others" bucket to provide a more comprehensive view of all unselected values.

Previously, pie charts only displayed selected values (up to 15) as a percentage of those chosen, but with this improvement, you now see both selected and unselected values, allowing for a more accurate understanding of your data.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Resolved issues with the SAVE TO DASHBOARD button that caused Dashboards to refresh unexpectedly
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April 2024

Week of April 22nd 2024

Introduced Real-time Reporting cadence for faster insights

We've added a new real-time cadence for reporting, allowing users to subscribe to a Saved Search to get immediate updates. (See main image for visual)

Enhanced Metadata Management

We're continuing to invest in streamlined ways for users to manage their metadata:

  • Users can now change the data type of a metadata field for more flexible quantification
  • Update a Unified Field directly within the product for a streamlined experience

Improved Category Filters

Category filters have been updated to work on co-occurring Reasons, enhancing the way you can sort and view data.

Expanded Visibility in Metadata Management

The metadata management table now displays the number of unique values for each metadata field, along with its coverage percentage for the source’s feedback records, upfront.

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April 2024

Week of April 15th 2024

Metadata System Updates 60 minutes --> 15 minutes!

Updates to metadata now take 15 mins to percolate to the entire platform, instead of 60 minutes!

Metadata Management Improvements

  • Updated references to use a global user ID, allowing for consistency across data sources without needing to rename the original metadata
  • Deprecated the Common Field created by Common Name with the introduction of Unified Fields
  • Made Unified Field description mandatory to ensure all metadata fields are adequately described for better clarity and usage.

Usability Upgrades

Field Alignment

The checkbox is now moved next to the title, with an increased width for the description area, creating a unified and visually appealing interface.

Query Builder

Enhancements in the query builder now include functional arrow keys for navigating through text, making editing more intuitive and efficient.

Enhanced Global Filter Prompts on Dashboards

Editors who modify global filters on a Dashboard and attempt to close the tab without saving are now prompted to confirm if they wish to leave without saving changes. This ensures intentional navigation and prevents accidental loss of modifications.

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April 2024

Week of April 8th 2024

Enhanced advanced Calculations on Quantify

Users can now apply numeric criteria to quantify data while grouping by another field. For example, users can:

  • Identify top Complaint Reasons based on the time a support agent takes to resolve conversations on Zendesk (see example in the title image)
  • Calculate the NPS by region or product area
  • Quantify the average rating for different app versions

Refined Summary Generation in Search experience

Refined Summary Generation experience in Search

The "Summarize with Wisdom" button now triggers the generation of summaries in Search. This change helps streamline the user experience by eliminating automatic summary generation, which previously caused a jittery scroll and served as a distraction.

Improved metadata management

As part of our commitment to provided the best user experience possible, we shipped the following enhancements to metadata management:

Enhanced visibility control: Managing visibility of data fields is now more intuitive with a one-click toggle available directly from the metadata management table.

Data insights: New metrics display the total number of unique values for a field and its coverage, available in the metadata detail drawer.

Case-insensitive search: The search functionality within the metadata management table is now case-insensitive, allowing for a smoother user search experience.

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