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October 2023

Week of October 2, 2023

Bug Fixes and Improvements

📅Updated Custom Date-pickers for easier time selection

Updated the time selection experience by improving the custom date picker. Now when the Custom date-picker is selected, it opens in the Between tab.

✨Dashboards now have a RESET FILTER button
Reset filter — as the name suggests -- resets the filter to whatever was originally saved on the dashboard.

September 2023

Latest Taxonomy Model Updates: merge Suggestions and less duplication

We've shipped two updates to the Custom Taxonomy Model that give customers more control over their custom taxonomy to reduce duplication and make merging reasons a breeze.

Every customer will now be able to:

  • Proactive merge Suggestions: Suggest and surface possible merges users can do themselves.
  • Automatic merges: Automatically detect and merge obvious duplicates with high precision

This will allow for:

  • Significant reduction of duplicates in the system
  • Enable users to perform merges for non-obvious duplicates
  • Custom model take into account any changes gets better over time

Fun Fact: This latest update shows the percentage of obvious duplicates to be reduced by 92% and the precision of merges at ~93%.

We are excited to share more enhancements to the Custom Taxonomy Model - stay tuned!

September 2023

Seamlessly sync your data warehouse to Enterpret with the Census Integration

We are excited to integrate with Census to help product teams seamlessly and quickly connect their data warehouses which contain rich sources of customer feedback into Enterpret.

Census is a data activation platform built on your warehouse that enables companies to sync 360° customer data using Reverse ETL to build dynamic audiences with no-code segment builder.

Connecting Census to Enterpret unlocks a lot of exciting opportunities for product teams to gain a more comprehensive understanding of customer feedback across all channels and deliver more actionable product insights such as:

  • Deeper understanding of customers
  • Close the loop
  • Reduce churn risk
  • Identify upsell opportunties
  • Create custom segments and audiences

Getting set up is a breeze, read our Help Center article to connect Census to Enterpret or learn more or about the integration here.

September 2023

💻 List View in Dashboards and Quantify unfurls in Slack

New List View Toggle in Dashboards

Easily toggle between Chart View and Table View in Dashboards for easier scanning of Reasons and Keywords. Now users can configure widget in a way that best suits their needs. This update becomes especially helpful when Reports are exported in PDF.

(See the gif above to see the List View Toggle in action)

Share more Quantify insights in Slack

Paste in Enterpret links into Slack and watch insights unfurl so that folks don't have to jump back and forth - insights at your fingertips!

  • Improved User Experience: Unfurled Quantify URLs come with corresponding screenshots, making it easier for team members to grasp the content and purpose of the shared URL.
  • Enhanced Context: The previews offer a snapshot of what the URL contains, saving time and reducing the need to click on every link to understand its relevance.
  • Efficient Communication: Team members can quickly gauge the content of the URL, which leads to more efficient and focused discussions.
September 2023

🪄 More control over Reasons editing for improved Taxonomy

We've made improvements so your team has more control over Reasons generated by our Taxonomy model. Let's see these updates in action.

More control over Reason editing:

  • Edit the Definition of a Reason
  • Edit the Category of a Reason

(see gif above to see the updates in action)

Get Merge suggestions for Reasons

August 2023

✨ Streamlined editing and Taxonomy enhancements for better Predictions

We've enhanced the edit Predictions experience to be streamlined editing and made Taxonomy updates for smarter suggestions. See these updates in action

“Suggested” Reasons

Improved Keyword and Category editing experience

Now when looking at individual records you'll be able to:

  • Add Tracked Keywords, create new Tracked Keywords from a record
    Note: The Taxononomy additions helps the model learn and get better at future predictions
  • Edit the Category of a Prediction

Coming soon - removal of Reasons help the Enterpret model provide better predictions

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