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Get the Power Point we use to run our quarterly Voice of Customer read-outs!
Voice of Customer
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Hello! I'm Nathan Yoon, and I started the Voice of Customer program at

My team and I are excited to share the template we use every quarter to run our Voice of Customer readout to senior leadership at Make a copy of the presentation and look out for tips from me throughout.

The Voice of Customer (VoC) program at Apollo seeks to centralize customer feedback and expectations on an ongoing basis, enabling teams to identify opportunities for improvement (and what are customers are asking for/requesting/expecting) and to prioritize and action on decisions.

To effectively manage our Root Cause Elimination (RCE) efforts across Activation, Friction, Churn, Win-Loss, we create two distinct RCE Databases:

  1. RCE Churn + Loss: Capture all reasons behind why accounts are churning and why accounts are not purchasing
  1. RCE Activation + Friction: Capture all reasons behind why users are not activating and why users are reaching out to support 

Customer Feedback Infrastructure

This is feedback infrastructure we use at Apollo, which requires feedback from every area of the business:

Data Sources and Unified Taxonomy = Actionable Insights

You can also watch our CPO, Abishek and Enterpret's CEO, Varun discuss the rationale behind why we run the Voice of Customer initiative and how we operationalize it at Watch here or read the recap in our customer story.