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Voice of Customer
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Hi - this is Jenamarie from the Arc Membership Team!

Each month, my team and I generate a Voice of Customer Report in Easel with the help of insights from Enterpret. Copy this Arc Voice of Customer Template to create your own report in an Easel!

We break our report into separate sections: 

  • Monthly Frustrations
  • Known Bugs of Feedback themes
  • Weekly Frustrations
  • Performance Reports
  • Prioritization

Monthly Frustrations

Known Bugs of Feedback themes

Use this section to highlight the priority issues to address along side severity. We usually include links to work being done in our project management tool

Weekly Frustrations

Include a call out to qualitative insights alongside the metrics to add color and spark discussion with your team

Performance Reports

Close the loop! Add a few notes from what was released or work that shipped that impacted the performance


In this section my team and I  highlight the top bugs, feedback and request for prioritization alignment and discussion.