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Voice of Customer
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Hi! I'm Jack from the Enterpret team and I work with our customers to structure their Voice of Customer initiatives and get the most from their customer insights.

This is a Voice of Customer dashboard we recommend every customer use to align their organization around customer insights. Click below to explore an interactive demo.

📈 How to structure an Enterpret Voice of Customer Dashboard:

  1. Provide context on feedback sources
  2. Breakdown feedback
  3. Anomalies - find the things you didn't know to look for
  4. Customize for dimensions that your team cares the most about

Read on for more details!

💡Provide Context

When you're building a Voice of Customer report. It's important to start with the context of what it is you're looking at. We typically have here our count of total source  feedback by volume from each source as well as that distribution over time to contextualize the report.

Source of Feedback

Source of Feedback over Time

See if there's any jumps based on source of data i.e. App Store vs Play Store could indicate a bug in one of the apps.

🗂️ Breakdown Feedback

Next we break down the main reasons for feedback. This is the meat of what your users are saying and what's inside their feedback. We typically like to break this out into Complaints, Improvements, and Praises.

🕵🏻 Find the things you didn't know to look for

Anomalies are going to be cases where there's been a significant increase in how often something shows up relative to its average. We break this out in two ways: 


Do this for Reasons which are going to be the more granular and specific actionable components


Then by Keyword which give us higher level higher level abstractions more thematic.

It's still interesting to understand right that application performance for example has increased by uhh you know two and a half x month over month the main difference between these anomalies

📊 Use Metadata to represent what's most important to the business

We use the next section to dig into feedback based on the dimensions that matter to the most to the business. Examples are stage of the opportunity, the type of the customer , geography, etc. Really just  metadata that might be useful to slice this is the place for it!

🪄Enterpret Dashboard Tips

Tip #1 Take advantage of our Dynamic Dashboards: Enterpret Dashboards are dynamic so if we want to see all of the main reasons for why we're getting a score of 1 we'll can hover over charts and click add to filter. This will update all of these charts together so we can see where we're getting a score of 1.

Tip #2 Filter in the opposite direction: If we wanted to see what types of users are reporting issues we can hover over a Reason and click add to filter. Now we'll be able to see the distribution of where this feedback is coming from, and the updated charts give us a little bit more insight into who these users are.

Tip #3 Drill in and read the feedback / Summarize insights from the Dashboard:  We're able to drill in and read the actual feedback and get a summary from charts. Click in view the feedback and here I'll be able to read the actual comments themselves to see what people are saying. I can also Generate Summaries to get a highlight and a breakdown instead of reading 1000s of individual reviews.

Tip #4 Download charts from your Dashboard: Download any chart in the dashboard to get for visuals that can be shared across the organization.

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