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March 3, 2022
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Customer Feedback Intelligence for Product Builders

Customer Feedback Intelligence for Product Builders

Let’s play out a scenario shall we...

You are a fast scaling company. Your initial Product Market Fit (PMF) was so strong, it’s enviable. It has powered your growth for last few years and your user base has expanded to all continents with human civilization.

But you can’t rest on your laurels, can you? You have to continue to grow fast. After all, the most successful companies are defined not by their initial hit product for a narrow market, but by their ability to deliver continuous hits as they expand their market.

So what do you do?  You try to scale your Product Development Org as fast as you can.  Along the way you establish an infrastructure to scale up the process of building the right product. Product analytics tool, in-app surveys, user session recording, data visualization on top of your data warehouse, a CDP, a Reverse ETL Solution, a community platform. You seem to have covered it all.

Then, as you sit with your team to plan out your roadmap for next few months, comes an innocuous looking question - what are our top 3 customer pain points over the past quarter? You think. Then you think a little bit more.  You remember that one survey response you read last week that stuck with you. Then you remember that one slide from the last product-support meeting you attended. You also remember that one app store review shared on a slack channel which had a lot of comments in the thread. That seems like a good top 3 to share. Anyways, there is no way you can be proven wrong. Just out of curiosity, you ask a few other team mates in product development the same question. They come up with their own rendition of top 3 which is very different from yours.

You wonder - how is it that we know every funnel conversion to the second place of decimal, but can’t even confidently answer what our top customer pain points are? Then you remember how in sync with your user needs you were in the early days, and it was that deep understanding coupled with your rapid velocity of shipping improvements, that led you to the strong PMF in the first place.

It’s not that your desire to solve customer pain has reduced, it’s just that it has become so much harder with hundreds of thousands of users using your product, and sharing their feedback over 8-9 different channels.

Hello, we are Enterpret. We are building customer feedback intelligence to help product teams continue prioritizing correctly as they scale.

The core engine behind the analytics is a proprietary unsupervised machine learning approach which enables us to create and dynamically update any customer feedback schema just from the raw text - zero effort required from our customers. 4 of our first 5 engineers were NLP scientists with 100+ research citations between them, and over the past 20 months they’ve been able to build something truly amazing!

We launched our product in beta about 8 months ago, and are thrilled to have some of the best product development teams on the planet like Notion, Cameo, and Loom, as early customers.

It’s been incredibly fascinating to see the pain points we’ve been able to help our customers with - prioritizing roadmap, validating hypothesis for growth experiments, iterating quickly on new features, and responding to product quality issues faster.

Today, as we come out of beta and enter general availability, we are excited to announce our seed round of $4.3 Million led by Kleiner Perkins with participation from Sequoia Capital India and Unusual Ventures. We are also grateful to have the support of stellar angel investors like Cristina Cordova, Vinay Hiremath, Curtis Liu, Melisa Tokmak, Badrul Farooqi, Paige Costello, among others.

So, what’s next? We will continue investing heavily on building the infrastructure for customer feedback insights, and enabling multiple core workflows for product development teams. We’ll also continue hiring thoughtfully for high impact roles.

If you’d like to learn more, we’d love to chat. You can reach out to us at

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