Harnessing VoC Surveys for Product Growth

Raveesh Motlani
Founder's Office
February 1, 2023

Harnessing VoC Surveys for Product Growth

Voice of the Customer (VoC) has never been more important in today's competitive marketplace. 73% of consumers pinpoint customer experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions. And, according to the Temkin Group, companies that earn $1 billion annually can expect to earn, on average, an additional $700 million within 3 years of investing in customer experience.

These stats essentially reflect a key fact for product teams - the customer is king in 2023. And, to keep the customer happy, you need to know what they're thinking, how they feel about your product, and how your brand makes them feel. Enter customer feedback and the voice of the customer survey.

What is a Voice of the Customer Survey?

A VoC survey is a tool that businesses use to gather feedback directly from their customers. Through these customer surveys, you can illuminate the thoughts, feelings, and preferences of customers.

By capitalizing on VoC insights, businesses can tailor their offerings to meet and exceed customer expectations, increasing customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

The Evolution of VoC Surveys

Customer feedback has come a long way since the humble feedback box or paper customer satisfaction surveys.

Now, businesses can query existing customers with customer survey questions at various stages of the customer journey. That's thanks to the digital revolution and the power of sophisticated online platforms enabling access to an increasingly diverse audience.

Businesses can gather both positive and negative feedback from online reviews, gather customer feedback through a voice-of-customer program, and, of course, request customers to complete voice-of-the-customer surveys to collect valuable insights. There are now several sources available to businesses to help them assess how customers feel.

Why Are VoC Surveys Essential for Contemporary Businesses?

We live in an era driven by consumer preference. If you can't keep your loyal customers happy, a competitor is lurking, ready to coax them away. In this environment, a customer satisfaction survey has become a guiding compass for businesses.

Through intelligent VoC survey questions, you can capture customer feedback that holds immense value to your business. Utilize the feedback to enhance the customer experience you provide, tweak your product, and shape your overarching business strategies going forward to keep customers happy.

And why is it important to improve customer satisfaction? The proof is in the bottom line: Customer-centric brands report profits that are 60 percent higher than those that fail to focus on customer experience.

Key Components of Effective Customer Surveys

Not all VoC surveys are created equal. The key to a fantastic voice of customer survey that reaps rewards for your business is to leverage the technology available to you. You also need to perfect the art of your questions to gather relevant pain points and customer insights.

Effective VoC surveys have:

  • Clearly defined objectives.
  • Relevant and unbiased questions.
  • User-friendly design.
  • Appropriate distribution channels for diverse feedback.

To craft an engaging survey:

  • Keep it concise and culturally sensitive.
  • Use a blend of questions to receive both quantitative and qualitative feedback.
  • Regularly test and refine the survey.
  • Ensure data privacy and participant anonymity.

You want your customers to actually answer the questions with a little thought. So, make it easy and not too strenuous for them to do so. Take inspiration and empathize with your audience - how do you feel when you are asked to complete VoC surveys? Nobody wants to hit obstacles during these things, so try to make it as streamlined and accessible as possible.

From your side, each customer satisfaction survey question should be meaningful to your product team. You want to gather valuable insights and actionable feedback. Otherwise, what's the point? Don't go asking what a customer's favorite color is if you're not going to use the information.

Craft your customer surveys with this advice in mind, and you'll be gathering customer feedback that can help you effectively build brand loyalty.

Common Pitfalls and How to Sidestep Them

You don't want overly complicated, tedious surveys that present leading questions. Not only will this be a negative brand experience for the customer to have to complete, but it will also result in potentially compromised data. Remember, the whole purpose of the exercise is for you to gather feedback. You're then planning to adjust your brand experience based on the feedback to align it with customer expectations.

In this way, you'll want to avoid anything that prevents a useful collection of data, such as:

  • Long, time-consuming surveys (10 mins max)
  • Clunky software
  • Confusing layout
  • Only one channel (solely email surveys, for example). Also, complement your surveys with focus groups, customer interviews, social media monitoring, etc.
  • Ambiguous questions - customers won't know how to answer, and you'll find it challenging to interpret the data.
  • Quantitative-heavy surveys - numbers offer great insights, but they often need complementary quantitative data to provide context and supporting information. If you want genuine insights into how customers feel, offer opportunities for them to express this in their own words.

Tools and Technologies Powering VoC Surveys

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of sophisticated platforms out there that can help you conduct and analyze VoC surveys.

When you've gathered all your data, and it's time for you to extract those all-important customer insights, how do you efficiently sift through and organize the information?

We want to specifically highlight the interpretative power of Enterpret.

Enterpret leverages the state-of-the-art AI models to dissect and interpret complex feedback. Let's take a look at how Enterpret can help you with your surveys.

  • Unified Repository of Customer Feedback: Enterpret combines customer feedback from various sources (support channels, surveys, reviews, social media platforms, etc.), providing you with a comprehensive view of the voice of customer.
  • AI-driven Feedback Categorization: Enterpret uses AI to automatically categorize your feedback into digestible themes.
  • Visualization and Trend Identification: Enterpret offers sophisticated visualization tools that allow users to easily identify trends in customer feedback. This is super handy for spotting key positive feedback themes (or negative!)
  • Responsive and Supportive Team: The team at Enterpret is constantly improving the platform and is always there to help you team better evaluate customer responses.

How to Action VoC Insights for Business Growth

How can your feedback surveys and other VoC sources lead to business growth? How can you actually utilize the voice of the customer to encourage customer retention and meet customer expectations? When Enterpret or other technologies supply you with insights, what are you supposed to actually do with them?

Here are five suggested use cases for your VoC insights:

1. Create personalized marketing campaigns

Tools like Enterpret divide customers into groups depending on their preferences, behaviors, and demographics. You can create personalized marketing campaigns directed at these specific groups.

2. Optimise the customer experience

Your VoC survey should tell you about consumer pain points. You can even find the customer effort score at each and every touchpoint of your business. Whether it is a poor product, tedious navigation issues, or poor customer service teams, set about fixing these to provide an experience that meets customers' expectations.

3. Get Proactive

Use your VoC data to identify customers who may be at risk of choosing a competitor over your business. Create retention strategies to try and avoid this type of customer churn.

4. Competitive analysis

Through your VoC surveys, you can gather information about your customers' feelings in relation to competitors. Why do your satisfied customers choose you over others? Where does your experience fall short relative to the industry? This can help you build a picture of your place in the market.

5. Brand monitoring

Monitoring your brand reputation is vital in a fast-moving digital environment. Effective analysis of your VoC AI-powered customer feedback tools lets you address issues and act fast.

Success Stories

Here are two instances of major brands utilizing the power of VoC surveys.


Heineken operates both in the B2C and B2B sectors, utilizing a distribution framework that primarily targets bars and restaurants as well as supermarkets. To remain the choice of consumers across these channels, Heineken emphasizes Account Experience, where they consistently gather and respond to feedback from their key B2B partnerships.

Here's a quote from their Global Director, Roderick Rosenbaum: "If a bunch of customers say your invoices are unclear [...] we send them a message and say, 'we heard your feedback and here's the new invoices, tell us what you think.'"

This is part of their method of deliberately trying to find out what their B2B customers specifically didn't like about their products through surveys. They sucked up the criticism and adapted their products accordingly.

Just Eat

Just Eat has a similar approach with their B2B restaurant partners, setting up a whole account experience team. Part of their role would involve sending simple, short surveys to restaurant partners.

In fact, part of Just Eat's role is to actually encourage restauranteurs themselves to carry out surveys with the end customer (you guys getting a takeaway). This way, right through the interaction, there is the opportunity for the customer to get their voice heard.

The Future of VoC Surveys

Your business success depends on keeping your customers happy. In an evermore competitive environment, businesses that can adapt quickly to changing customer preferences are most likely to retain customers.

Therefore, VoC surveys are integral to consistently understanding your target audience. With the elevated importance of customer feedback and customer satisfaction, it's also vital that you are able to steal a march on competitors in your analysis of consumer sentiment. Those who don't leverage the latest AI-powered technologies risk falling behind with opportunities missed.

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Wisdom saves me hours every week. With 'Summarize with Wisdom,' I can condense feedback with a single click, replacing the tedious process of reading through hundreds of tickets. It’s life-changing!
Jil McKinney
Director of Customer Support, Descript
Before Enterpret, organizing research data took an entire day. Now, research synthesis is 83% faster - it takes just 15 minutes to pull the data and another 15 minutes to start synthesizing. Enterpret removes the manual work, allowing me to focus on strategic thinking with a clear mind.
Mike McNasby
User Research Lead, Descript
We are laser-focused on giving customers more than they expect through a hospitality-first, individualized approach to drive retention and loyalty. Enterpret has allowed us to stitch together a full picture of the customer, including feedback and reviews from multiple data points. We now can super-serve our loyal customers in a way that we have never been able to before.
Anna Esrov
Vice President of Customer Experience & Loyalty
Enterpret allowed us to listen to specific issues and come closer to our Members - prioritizing feedback which needed immediate attention, when it came to monitoring reception of new releases: Enterpret picked up insights for new updates and became the eyes of whether new systems and functionality were working well or not.
Louise Sellars
Analyst, Customer Insights
Enterpret is one of the most powerful tools in our toolkit. It's very Member-friendly. We've been able to share how other teams can modify and self-serve in Enterpret. It's bridged a gap to getting access to Member feedback, and I see all our teams finding ways to use Enterpret to answer Member-related questions.
Dina Mohammad-Laity
VP of Data
The big win-win is our VoC program enabled us to leverage our engineering resources to ship significantly awesome and valuable features while minimizing bug fixes and" keep the lights on" work. Magnifying and focusing on the 20% that causes the impact is like finding the needle in a haystack, especially when you have issues coming from all over the place
Abishek Viswanathan
CPO, Apollo.io
Since launching our Voice of Customer program six months ago, our team has dropped our human inquiry rate by over 40%, improved customer satisfaction, and enabled our team to allocate resources to building features that increase LTV and revenue.
Abishek Viswanathan
CPO, Apollo.io
Enterpret's Gong Integration is a game changer on so many levels. The automated labeling of feedback saves dozens of hours per week. This is essential in creating a customer feedback database for analytics.
Michael Bartimer
Revenue Operations Lead
Enterpret has made it so much easier to understand our customer feedback. Every month I put together a Voice of Customer report on feedback trends. Before Enterpret it would take me two weeks - with Enterpret I can get it done in 3 days.
Maya Bakir
Product Operations, Notion
The Enterpret platform is like the hero team of data analysts you always wanted - the ability to consolidate customer feedback from diverse touch points and identify both ongoing and emerging trends to ensure we focus on and build the right things has been amazing. We love the tools and support to help us train the results to our unique business and users and the Enterpret team is outstanding in every way.
Larisa Sheckler
COO, Samsung Food
Enterpret makes it easy to understand and prioritize the most important feedback themes. Having data organized in one place, make it easy to dig into the associated feedback to deeply understand the voice of customer so we can delight users, solve issues, and deliver on the most important requests.
Lauren Cunningham
Head of Support and Ops
With Enterpret powering Voice of Customer we're democratizing feedback and making it accessible for everyone across product, customer success, marketing, and leadership to provide evidence and add credibility to their strategies and roadmaps.
Michael Nguyen
Head of Research Ops and Insights, Figma
Boll & Branch takes pride in being a data driven company and Enterpret is helping us unlock an entirely new source of data. Enterpret quantifies our qualitative data while still keeping customer voice just a click away, adding valuable context and helping us get a more complete view of our customers.
Matheson Kuo
Senior Product Analyst, Boll & Branch
Enterpret has transformed our ability to use feedback to prioritize customers and drive product innovation. By using Enterpret to centralize our data, it saves us time, eliminates manual tagging, and boosts accuracy. We now gain near real-time insights, measure product success, and easily merge feedback categories. Enterpret's generative AI technology has streamlined our processes, improved decision-making, and elevated customer satisfaction
Nathan Yoon
Business Operations, Apollo.io
Enterpret helps us have a holistic view from our social media coverage, to our support tickets, to every single interaction that we're plugging into it. Beyond just keywords, we can actually understand: what are the broader sentiments? What are our users saying?
Emma Auscher
Global VP of Customer Experience, Notion
The advantage of Enterpret is that we’re not relying entirely on human categorization. Enterpret is like a second brain that is looking out for themes and trends that I might not be thinking about.
Misty Smith
Head of Product Operations, Notion
As a PM, I want to prioritize work that benefits as many of our customers as possible. It can be too easy to prioritize based on the loudest customer or the flavor of the moment. Because Enterpret is able to compress information across all of our qualitative feedback sources, I can make decisions that are more likely to result in positive outcomes for the customer and our business.
Duncan Stewart
Product Manager
We use Enterpret for our VoC & Root Cause Elimination Program. It's helping us solve the issues of aggregating disparate sources of feedback (often tens of thousands per month) and distilling it into specific reasons, with trends, so we can see if our product fixes are delivering impact.
Nathan Yoon
Business Operations, Apollo.io