We wanted to end the year with a bang, so we did. This update covers all that we launched and improved in December.

SOC 2 Type II Compliance

We're excited to announce that Enterpret has achieved SOC-2 Type II compliance! This means that we've undergone a thorough, independent audit of our systems and processes to ensure that we are following best practices in security, availability, and confidentiality. Learn more here.

Enterpret <> Gong Integration

We publically launched our Gong integration, which ingests Gong calls continuously and discovers insights into it. Enterpret automatically ingests, summarises, and tags the Gong calls - and makes it analyzable for product teams. Learn more here.

Subscribe to feedback

Want actionable customer feedback delivered to the right team at the right team? Connect a saved search with a slack channel, and have feedback delivered right in slack for continued awareness. Learn more here.

Make Corrections on Predictions

Enterpret has added the ability for users to edit and correct incorrectly predicted reasons and sentiment, which will improve the accuracy of predictions for their specific instance of the platform. Learn more here.

Tweets as threads

A new update for our Twitter feedback records shows the entire thread leading to the tweet. This helps provide more context and makes it easier for users to follow conversations on the platform. In the near future, we plan to leverage this additional context to improve our predictions on tweets, so stay tuned for more updates! Learn more here.

That's not all

  • In-product help: New contextual in-product help (?) present at all key screens. You can always find all help documentation at helpcenter.enterpret.com.
  • Easy-to-use source names: We made it easier to analyze customer feedback from data sources such as Snowflake tables, custom CSV file uploads, and Salesforce objects by making the source name more meaningful. This allows users to distinguish between different integrations, making analysis easier. Learn more here.
  • Raw feedback download: New capability in Send Feedback, which allows users to include feedback content when exporting feedback from an analysis. This feature can also be found on the Search page. Learn more here.

We hope you've enjoyed these updates, and we can't wait to show you what we have in store for the coming month, like new dashboards and quantify. We value your feedback and would love your thoughts on our work. Please don't hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can continue to improve and deliver the best experience for you. Thank you for your continued support of Enterpret!