Get insights on product, features and competitors shared in Gong calls.

Bridge the gap between Product and Sales.

Gong is a great tool for sales insights, but it's a black box for product teams. If you're not incorporating customer feedback into your product development process, you're doing it wrong.

Enterpret opens that black box and builds awareness throughout the organization about customer pains. Avoid expensive meetings between sales, product, and customer success by democratizing the awareness of the product and competitive insights. It's the best way to understand what your users think of your product, its features, and your competitors.

Enterpret automatically ingests Gong calls and then summarises and categorizes feedback.


  • Easiest way to do self-serve research
    You’ve been assigned to solve a new problem - but want to do preliminary research on it? Easily find relevant snippets across all Gong calls through our search interface, and identify which customers to recruit for a user interview.
  • Do trend analysis on the voice of customers
    Introducing Trend Analysis on voice of customer - the easiest way to see what your customers are saying about your product. With automatic tags for important keywords, feature requests and competitive insights, this is the perfect tool for keeping track of customer feedback. Use the simple analytical interface to see what's trending up or down in customer sentiment, and make sure you're always on top of the latest customer feedback.
  • Ambient Awareness
    You can subscribe to a keyword and get pinged in slack whenever that keyword gets mentioned in a call. This way, you can stay up-to-date on all the latest feedback even if you can't be on the call yourself. And because the summaries are precise, you can quickly decide which calls to listen to and which to ignore. So save time and stay informed with Ambient Awareness.