Released enhanced Comparisons for more customizable data analysis

Now you have the flexibility to edit the denominator in percentage comparisons, allowing for more precise and relevant data insights.

Launched an Amazon Connect Integration for seamless call management

Direct integration with Amazon Connect streamlines the ingestion of support calls, enhancing workflow efficiency. The integration includes transcription support for automatic transcription of audio feedback ensures that no detail is missed and enhances record-keeping.

Enhanced Webhook support for expanded functionality for audio and video tools

Our Webhook API now includes support for audio recordings, enhancing the ways you can interact and provide feedback. The updates support audio and video recordings, with or without transcripts, accommodating various feedback formats. Enterpret efficiently processes and organizes audio/video inputs, simplifying data handling and analysis for automatic transcription and speaker classification.

Shipped the ability to use Metadata as a link for streamlined source accessibility

For sources that lack a native link (like uploading a file, or sending data through Zapier, Census, Webhook APIs, Snowflake, etc.), users can now use a metadata field as a clickable link, improving data traceability and access.

Renamed Search to Feed for enhanced content discovery

The "Search" feature has been renamed to "Feed" to reflect its broader utility and focus on delivering relevant content. All Saved Items will remain unchanged. Stay tuned for more innovative features that enhance your experience

Optimized navigation on smaller screens to optimized user experience

We've shipped an adaptive navigation bar that automatically adjusts on smaller screens, ensuring that essential features are always accessible and user interaction is intuitive.