Get insights on product, features and competitors shared in AWS Connect calls.
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Bridge the gap between Support and Product

Enterpret's integration with AWS Connect automates the ingestion of call data, distilling it into actionable summaries and categorizing feedback without a finger lifted.

Enterpret automatically ingests AWS Connect calls and then summarizes and categorizes feedback.

  • Self-serve research: For those diving into new problem spaces, Enterpret makes preliminary research a breeze: easily comb through call transcripts via our search tool, spotlighting pertinent discussions and pinpointing ideal candidates for user interviews.
  • Trend analysis on the voice of customers Trend analysis? Simplified. Enterpret not only tracks but makes sense of the customer conversation. It tags key words, logs feature requests, and captures market comparisons, equipping you with a straightforward analytical interface to gauge shifts in customer sentiment.
  • Ambient Awareness And for those who need ongoing insights, our subscription model keeps you informed continuously. Whether through Slack or email, Enterpret analyzes your AWS Connect transcripts along with other feedback channels, delivering curated insights directly to you—ensuring you never miss a beat on what matters most in your product or customer landscape.