Separate insights from noise in seconds with Summarized Queries

Summarized Queries provide high-level summaries of insights from large volumes of feedback - with one click you’ll get an auto-generated summary of feedback from your query. Each Summarized Query is annotated with citations so you can dive deep into areas of interest with less fuss and more trust.

Copy Summary insights using the 📋 icon in the top right and straight into Slack, a doc, or a ticket to share insights and context with your team.

Read our blog post to learn more.

Updated time range controls on Trend Charts for easier anomaly tracking

User can now navigate according to selected aggregate periods in our Trend charts, both in Quantify & Dashboard. On Clicking of prev/next button, user will move backward/forward in time by one aggregate period (day, month or year), making it easier to view data from previous and next periods, especially helpful in tracking anomalies over time.