Connect Enterpret with FreshChat, pull in all customer conversations with customer service agents, and find relevant feedback.
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Why integrate Enterpret with FreshChat?

Bridging the feedback loop between customers, Product, and Support teams - Integrating Freshchat with Enterpret provides a holistic view of all your customer conversations in one place. You can analyze and understand their problems more deeply and make data-backed decisions. For example: Is it a bug in the product? What are the top user-requested features? Integrating Freshchat with Enterpret allows you to see the customer perspective alongside your product usage data to make informed decisions about your product.


  • Easy one-click integration.
  • All conversations enriched with Enterpret's taxonomy with granularity and high accuracy.
  • Works with 70+ languages.
  • Analyze and visualize by agent tags and user properties.
  • Join with product analytics data to understand feedback shared by a user cohort.
  • 100% complete data.