Import support tickets from Kustomer and easily detect product quality anomalies.
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Why integrate Enterpret with Kustomer Support?

Enterpret integrates with Kustomer to pull in customer feedback and automatically enriches each support ticket by pulling in a lot of the context surrounding it (e.g., user properties like plan type, device data, country). Enterpret then applies its customer-specific machine learning models to predict topics and granular reasons for each ticket.  You can then slice and dice more effectively by combining taxonomy-based analysis, product usage stats, customer demographic trends, and more.


  • Easy one-click integration.
  • Each ticket is enriched with Enterpret's taxonomy with granularity and high accuracy.
  • Works with 70+ languages.
  • Analyze and visualize by agent tags and user properties.
  • Join with product analytics data to better understand a user cohort.
  • 100% complete data.