Connect Slack with Enterpret to get notified about reports, alerts, new reasons for feedback discovered across any source.
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Why Integrate Enterpret with Slack?

Take control of your feedback with Enterpret and integration for Slack. Get instant notifications about reports, alerts, and newly discovered feedback sources from any channel, and never miss an important insight again. Streamline your feedback management process and make data-driven decisions with ease.

How it works?

Integrating Enterpret with Slack is easy. With just one click, you can capture valuable customer feedback and Enterpret's predictive analysis in any Slack channel. Stay informed with real-time alerts about the metrics that matter most to you.

You can subscribe to a variety of reports, including Search Reports for a PDF snapshot of key metrics, Feedback Stream for real-time customer feedback, Dashboard Updates, and Quantify, Compare, and Anomalies Reports.

  • Search Reports: Get a PDF snapshot of key metrics that matter to your business. Choose your own interval to receive the reports, and get a comprehensive overview of your customer feedback.
  • Feedback Stream: Stay on top of real-time customer feedback. Get notified as soon as new feedback comes in and respond to your customers quickly.
  • Dashboard Updates: Keep track of your dashboard metrics directly in your Slack channels. Get updated as soon as a metric changes.
  • Quantify, Compare, and Anomalies Reports: Get detailed reports that help you make data-driven decisions. Compare metrics over time, quantify the impact of your feedback, and detect anomalies before they become a problem.


We have a single click integration for Slack. Please refer to this help desk article to learn about the steps to configure integration for different types of reports.

In case of any issues or if you are looking for more information. Reach out to us at